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Buy Allen Wrench Strain! Allen Wrench marijuana strain is a popular strain for sativa-lovers presenting the best qualities of its parent strains (TrainWreck and NYC Diesel) into a single package coupling them with crisp flavors of sour fruit. Allen Wrench provides users with a long lasting cerebral high and fills an entire room with its ever strong essence. Its buds have dark green color and dark foliage with orange pistils growing out. Allen Wrench also has a 10-11 week flowering time and medium to medium-high THC content. Loved by go-getters, Allen Wrench’s clear-headed stimulation makes it a perfect coffee substitute.

Sativa: THC 17%
Effects: Energetic, Happy, Focused, Euphoric.
Similar Strains: Mango Kush (Hybrid), Grape Ape (Indica), Lemonberry (Hybrid), Lavender (Indica)



Allen Wrench Strain is a popular strain for sativa-lovers, Although Allen Wrench sparks thoughts of productivity and motivation it is a mostly sativa cross between potent sativa Trainwreck and landrace-derived hybrid NYC Diesel.

With a simultaneously fruity and sour bouquet, this strain is sure to leave an impression on the palate but it’s primarily known for its ability to ratchet up users’ higher-order thinking and to inspire creativity.

Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found flowers of Allen Wrench for sale to have between 16% and a staggering 28% THC content.

Allen Wrench Strain nugget-like blossoms are medium to large and have the long, tapered appearance of other Sativa varieties; depending on the individual plant phenotype.

Its flowers range in shape from spade-like to almost cylindrical. The leaves are tightly packed together in a dense bud structure and are a mossy green, threaded through with vibrant orange pistils.

Allen Wrench is an especially hard strain to break apart without the use of a grinder. When Allen Wrench is properly cured, it gives off the stench of gasoline, an odor inherited from its NYC Diesel parent strain.

Smokers should note that this strain has a particularly pungent smell as a result those looking to keep their consumption discreet should take the necessary precautions.

The high from Allen Wrench comes on quickly as a headrush, accompanied by a mounting pressure behind the eyes and temples.

As the high wears on the users become used to this altered state, Allen Wrench’s cerebral nature can become more comfortable. In social settings, this may lend itself to stimulating conversation or even just a few shared giggles.

Why Allen Wrench strain is loved:

Allen Wrench is an excellent choice for daytime particularly morning time productivity but is not always the best option for nighttime use.

Allen Wrench’s potent psychoactivity is an asset to cannabis veterans who can wrangle its persistent mind race to produce creative and thoughtful output.

Its long-lasting Sativa strain buzz is just the thing for thinking outside the box, or for simply appreciating the thousands of new experiences that every day has to offer.

Allen Wrench’s medical applications are more psychological than physiological. It can help patients with attention deficit disorders to sustain focus on single tasks.

It’s a perfect strain for people looking to treat Depression, Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Nausea, and ADHD symptoms.

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