Cereal Carts Flavor Mix


Buy Cereal Carts Flavor Mix (8 different flavors).

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Cereal Carts Flavor Mix (8 different flavors) are Dank Vapes are known for their tasteful flavors, with them having a variety of strains. Danks is always coming out with new flavors, and each strain is always satisfying in taste. Cereal Carts, We’ve tried multiple flavors from them, even back when they had the old packaging, and every strain always tastes amazing. We recently tried Dank Vapes Sunset Sherbert, and it really did give a sweet and fascinating taste.
Dank Vapes and Cereal Carts have a lot in common with their distillate and packaging. They even have a few identical strains that look exactly like each other, The only actual difference seems to be the flavor and color of oil itself.

As said earlier, we can’t be too confident as to what’s actually in them. Cereal Carts Flavor Mix, The flavor to all strains always tastes amazing and exactly as the packaging says to be. The fact that there’s no background to them causes serious rumors and damage to the companies reputation.

From our experience, both brands do provide decent quality oil. The consistency does vary depending on which flavor, but for the most part, it has a strong color to it. Neither cartridge may not be as potent as I’d like, but they both deliver tasty flavors.

Efficiency for the two was the same
Dank Vapes vs Cereal Carts both use CCELL cartridges. These carts are specifically designed for thicker oil and tasteful hits. This gives it really efficient and smooth hits depending on the type of battery mod you use.

On the downside, the black market is still popular on all of these brands and fake CCELL cartridges. With fake CCELL’s, they carry weak atomizers and give lighter hits than normal. Cereal Carts Mix, We did encounter a fake Cereal Cart and even though it was still somewhat efficient, it came leaking.


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