Chocolope Strain


Buy Chocolope strain online! Chocolope is a Sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze. The result is a delicious homage to the chocolate strains that were popular in the 1980s. Chocolope stain for sale buds has this amazing earthy, sweet coffee flavor that provides a dreamy, cerebral effect. Consumers report a strong, euphoric mental shift that is great when coping with depression or stress. The Chocolope strain also gives a boost in energy and focus, whilst uplifting the spirits. It is a Perfect Marijuana strain for morning use.

THC: 20.5%
Sativa: 95%
Taste and Smells Like: Coffee, Fruity Sweet, Vanilla.
Feels Like: Energy, Focus, Uplifting


Chocolope strain is the brilliant genetic combination of two powerful Sativas; Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, hence the representative name of joining these types together. Its genetics are pure and distinguished, with an almost 100% sativa content, sitting just 5 percent below at a 95% sativa, 5% indica ratio. Many trust the Chocolope strain to replace their morning or daily boosts of caffeinated beverage, and we can agree that this reefer is certainly energizing, motivating, focus-inducing and up lifting.

Serving as a prominent and especially popular favorite amongst cannaisseurs in the United States during the 1980s, Chocolope has only continued to gain followers, spreading across most of Europe, Canada and America as a go-to marijuana, partially for its revolutionary body and mind effects, but also because of its tasty and mouth-watering flavor profile.

Additionally, Chocolope sports as hefty THC content, ranking in at 18%-23% on average, when lab tests have been conducted. Although it may not contain an equally as heavy CBD content, that doesn’t keep Chocolope from being medicinal, with plenty of marijuana patients turning to buy weed for relief from chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, fatigue, and muscle spasms, as well as an immense number of other conditions and ailments.

Chocolope brings about an energetic and motivational high, perfect for those who are creative or project minded, needing to find some inspiration for their daily tasks or work. The mental effects of Chocolope are extremely cerebral, but not so much psychoactive, making it possible to function regularly with this marijuana.

Unlike too much caffeine, Chocolope isn’t known to make its consumers jittery or nervous, rather, its uplifting high is balanced and grounding, with a quick onset of happiness and steady-breathing, coming to a close with a high that is relaxing and does not possess a strong come down.

Ideally, the Chocolope strain works best when consumed either first-thing in the morning, later in the morning, or sometime throughout the day. It isn’t the most suited for nighttime or late-evening use, because it does bring a fair share of energy to the table, which can make it challenging to fall asleep in the late hours of the night.

Due to this fact, it is not an ideal reefer for those who have insomnia or difficulties with sleeping, because it will produce the opposite effect. If one desires to start dreaming in their comfy bed quick, a strong indica is better suited and can do the job no problem.

Medical Benefits of Chocolope Strain:

As mentioned above, Chocolope strain for sale has been an especially valuable strain for the medical cannabis community, because of its abilities to bring relief to numerous ailments, conditions and discomforts within both the mind and body. Mind-wise, Chocolope serves as an aid for those experiencing difficult mental conditions, such as severe depression, anxiety, stress and even PTSD.

This is primarily due to Chocolope weed’s ability to uplift and motivate its consumer, acting as a pick-me-up for those who find it difficult to make it through the day because of negative thought patterns, or just an overall struggle to quite a busy mind.


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