Raskal OG strain


Buy Raskal Og Strain Online! Raskal OG kush is Bred by Cali Connection by crossing OG Kush and SFV OG Kush, This marijuana strain smells of lemon and pine with a musty and grassy taste. With dense light and dark green-colored buds, this sticky strain is soft when broken apart. Potent and euphoric. For a solid choice for any consumer looking to relax and lift their mood, they tend to buy Raskal OG strain. This marijuana strain is greatly loved to be taken by most consumers because of its intense fuel-like aroma mixes with flavors of lemon and citrus and makes for a great bong take.

Taste and Feels Like: Earthy, Nutty
Feels Like: Calm, Focused, Creative, Happy, Dry Mouth


Raskal OG Strain is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain that emits a scent similar to fresh lemon and pine.

Raskal OG gets its genetics from crossing the hybrid OG Kush with the Indica SFV OG Kush.

Its flavor on the exhale turns into soil and nuts rather than citrus-like one would assume.

Raskal OG Strain’s harvest-ready buds display a mix of light and dark green hues with vivid deep amber pistils.

With the THC levels of Raskal OG average in the high teens, Those that have tried this strain have reported feeling a strong high that induces creativity while simultaneously allowing the body to experience relaxation.

While the mind focuses, the body becomes couch-locked, and reviewers have enjoyed activities like video games or movies while using this strain. Some have also used it to help alleviate chronic pain or to uplift a sad or depressed mood.

The effects of Raskal OG kush is not only powerful but powerful enough that they have garnered quite a reputation amongst the cannabis community. The cerebral, Sativa aspects of the high are known to bolster mood and boost creative energies.

Users who often buy Raskal OG consume it during the daytime, utilizing its boost in focus and attention to accomplish a day’s worth of to-do’s in a few short hours.

Those who find that hybrids affect them in the same way that Indicas do will experience a more lazy, sedated body high after consuming Raskal OG. Either way, the potent effects of this strain are sure to relieve your negative symptoms of chronic stress, pain, depression, headaches, and inflammations like arthritis.


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